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Fairy Tales from the UTS Library's Collection exhibition

 “The Three Enchanted Princes.” Warwick Goble, 1911.

If you're on campus check out our new exhibition Fairy Tales from the UTS Library's Collection featuring a selection of rare books and historical illustrations from notable children’s literature held in the Library’s Special Collections. 

Exhibition on display:
Until 20 August 2020
UTS Central (CB02) level 7

Fairy Tales, the children’s literature genre we recognise today for its timeless tales and happy-endings, have greatly evolved from their past versions, which usually had much more sinister and violent story lines. Explore the dark origins of fairy tales and the beautiful illustrations from our rare books collection, dating from late 1800s to early 1900s. Learn about how these widespread, well-loved stories have transformed over time and diversified throughout history. 

 Fairy Tales exhibition installed Fairy Tales exhibition display Fairy Tales exhibition installed


Fantastic exhibition!!!

Diane's picture
Diane, 6 months ago

Fantastic exhibition!!! Meticulous in every respect and just so aestetically beautiful too. Although it's not huge, it's worth a special trip to go and see it.

Thank you for your kind

Karina's picture
Karina, 6 months ago

Thank you for your kind comment Diane, we're glad you enjoyed the exhibition!

Anyone who enjoyed this

Diane's picture
Diane, 6 months ago

Anyone who enjoyed this exhibition might like this Facebook group: The Golden Age Of Illustration, where I have posted a link to your exhibition.

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