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Updated 14 July 2020

Applicable to the Standards Australia (Online) databases

From the 1st of July, access to standards is changing. You will be required to register your name and UTS email address, then authenticate in order to view, download, save or print a standard.  The subscription provides access to Australian Standards only.


I've also sent an email to

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Karen, 6 months ago

I've also sent an email to the librarians but please can you clarify how you and where you register to access this database. I tried to register but was prompted to provide billing information!

Many thanks!

Hi Karen

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Librarian Janet, 6 months ago

Hi Karen

Did you use the UTS Library link to access? https://search.lib.uts.edu.au/permalink/61UTS_INST/19joism/alma991000209629705671

If so you will then be asked for your UTS ID and password.

When you click on the standard you want, a pop up box will appear asking you to register or sign in with the email and password you set up if you've registered already.

UTS subscription provides access to Australian Standards.  If you requested a standard outside the UTS subscription, you may be asked for billing information.

Thanks Janet. I now

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Karen, 6 months ago

Thanks Janet. I now understand the system and limitations to the UTS subscription.

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