UTS Library

Visiting and accessing the Library

Whether studying at home or on campus our friendly librarians can help you to; understand your assignment question, locate items in the Library collection, or understand how to reference.

Get advice the way you would like:

A few changes are in place to ensure everyone's safety:

  • UTS Library has updated conditions of entry (below) to make sure you stay safe whilst using our shared spaces and resources
  • Group study rooms throughout UTS Central including the UTS Library are limited to one-person-per-room
  • The return chute on level 5 is closed, please return all books via the return chutes, level 7

We're happy to see you again, and if you need more information about staying safe at UTS check out Returning to campus: your social distancing guide.

Conditions of entry

UTS Central Learning Commons, Library & UTS Reading Room

Please help us maintain a safe space by:

  • Swiping as you enter and leave the Library and Reading Room, this will help us identify when you were here if required
  • Maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters between yourself and others
  • Washing your hands regularly and wiping down workspaces before and after use
  • Using self-service options where possible
  • Not entering UTS Central if you are unwell
  • Being respectful with staff and students in all interactions

To support this, the Library will:

  • Remove you from our spaces if you look unwell
  • Supply sanitiser and wipes throughout UTS Central
  • Make cleaning products available from the Library Service Desk
  • Clean returned Library items and hold them for a period of 24 hours before making them available again
  • Offer a full range of remote services such as phone and chat that you can access on and off campus
The Library is unavailable for invigilated exams. Speak to your subject coordinator if you require exam space.