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referencing and end note

referencing and end note

Hello Library,

I have download end note from UTS library, i'm looking at what it has formatted my reference as and comparing them to how the library formats them and it's differnt. Specifically Governement docs and research it Endnote formats the aurthor's name instead of the goverment body in full. What am i doing wrong, or is this going to be ok for submission?

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If you open the reference in

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Patrick, 8 years ago

If you open the reference in EndNote and look at what is in the author field, your authors should be each on a separate line, and in the format Surname, First names (or initials). If the author is a government body, this should be in the author field, with a comma after the last word of the name (eg Department of Health,) - the comma tells EndNote to treat the whole name of the government body as a surname. If the government body has a comma inside its name (eg Department of Health, Welfare and Social Security) then instead double the first comma, leave all other commas as normal, and don't put one at the end (in this example, what you would have in your EndNote author field would be Department of Health,, Welfare and Social Security). If you are having trouble with Government Document as a reference type, try changing the reference type to Book. I know the doc isn't a book but often this references the document correctly. If the document was online and you want the URL to be displayed you might also try changing the reference type to Web Page, but then you must also enter the Access Date (eg 12 March) and Access Year (eg 2012) that you viewed the online document.

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