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i have 3 assignment due at the same week. How do i plan to get it done?

i have 3 assignment due at the same week. How do i plan to get it done?

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Hi, I just thought I'd add my

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Jemima, 6 years ago

Hi, I just thought I'd add my suggestions. I think the key is to start early, at least a month, five weeks before they're due. And there's nothing wrong with completing an assignment before it's due! I know a student who does that. I would also break the assignments up into sections, that's what the Survival Kit is good for. Use different start dates then do yourself a calendar to mark dates when you need to get sections done by. I agree with David about doing what's easiest first. Also great advice to make an appointment with HELPS! Remember that the library has a Research Help Desk on the ground floor to assist in finding information for your assignment.

Hello! This is David, one of

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David, 6 years ago

Hello! This is David, one of the advisors from HELPS. Thank you for your query. I understand your concern!

Firstly, I would prioritise each of your three assignments in terms of allocated marks, complexity and length, perhaps attempting to complete the easier one first. Secondly, why not use the Assignment Calculator located at: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/study-skills/assignment-survival-kit  in order to assist you with your planning? Drawing up a matrix indicating when each step in the writing process needs to be completed is also helpful in giving you a visual timeline to work with. Time management in this instance is absolutely critical.

For specific and very helpful advice, I would suggest that you visit the following link on the HELPS
website: http://www.ssu.uts.edu.au/helps/workshops/resources.html. This has material from our workshop on “Researching and Planning for an Assignment” and will assist you in becoming methodical, systematic and focused in your efforts to complete the assignment.

In addition, you are more than welcome to visit the HELPS office and consult with an advisor about your
assignments. From my experience, students do not often understand the actual assessment task or what is being asked of them and postpone starting their assignment as they ‘second-guess’ the question. It is far better to speak to someone (an advisor, tutor, lecturer or subject co-ordinator) about your needs early on in the writing process. Many successful
students also form their own study groups and find that this interaction motivates them more to keep “on track”. 

My favourite motto is: “Well begun is half done!”

That is a tricky one! Have

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Helen Chan, 7 years ago

That is a tricky one! Have you tried our Assignment Survival Kit?

I also recommend going to HELPS, they run 15 minute consultations in the library and the UTS Tower - check their web site for times. HELPS could make it easier to plan out your assignment and what you need to do!

Good luck!



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