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Is it appropriate to use footnotes in the Harvard (UTS) style?

Is it appropriate to use footnotes in the Harvard (UTS) style?

I am writing a large assignment and in some instances I wish to make passing reference to something, such as an organisations website where more information can be found. I don't feel I've taken ideas from them for use in my assignment, I just want my reader to be aware that if they are curious then there is a place to look.

I don't particularly want to clutter up my writing with cumbersome sentences about getting more information, but I also cannot locate information about whether or not footnotes are permissable in the harvard (UTS) style.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi Alycia,

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UTS Library, 7 years ago

Hi Alycia,

Footnotes in Harvard UTS are typically used in situations where it is not practical to use in-text referencing, such as in a table where multiple sources have been used to locate information. In this instance, we're not so sure it's appropriate to use footnotes, but this may be something you wish to discuss with your lecturer or tutor, to see what they would prefer.

I hope this is helpful,


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