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Editing Studio now open at UTS Library

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Another brand new space has just been opened in the City Campus Library. The Editing Studio is an editing, mixing and production studio located at Room 4.i.

The room can be booked by UTS students and staff for 4 hours at a time, with the key available for collection at the Enquiries & Loans Desk on Level 2. The following pieces of equipment are also available for borrowing at the desk:

  • Novation Launchpad Mini Ableton Live Grid Controller
  • Rode NT2 –A vocal microphones (x2)
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones (x2)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

The room seats up to two people and offers access to the following equipment:

  • Apple iMac 5k 27”
  • Motu 828 x audio interface
  • Novation 49 SL MK2 MIDI controller (music production)
  • Genelec 8030B studio monitor speakers (x2)
  • LaCie 8TB Thunderbolt storage


  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Ableton Live 9 Suite
  • Avid Pro Tools

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All equipment is studio quality and intended for use by students who have some knowledge in using the equipment already. If you’re looking to develop your software skills, lynda.com offers tutorials on a range of applications and is free to access for UTS staff and students.

Please note that the computer is regularly wiped. It’s strongly recommended that you save your work to a portable hard drive or USB.

We welcome your feedback on this new space. 


I really like the room that

Chau Au's picture
Chau Au, 4 years ago

I really like the room that is open for students not studying Communication. I used the room today and I like all the resource equipments that I would need to use (an assignment on podcasting).

Would like to feedback with suggesting to having a microphone stand with the microphone set. A library staff provided me the paper box lid to hold it still. The borrowing time for the equipment, would be better to have it lend 4hrs with extra 15 minutes to have time unpacking and packing up equipment and bringing it up and down levels.

Also, the room is not sound proof and could hear conversations and chatting from the individual study room next door. Disturbing noise can annoy others and myself around. I would have personally like this editing studio room to be placed on Level 5 or somwhere away from those study rooms.

HI Chau, thank you for your

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 4 years ago

HI Chau, thank you for your feedback. We are looking into purchasing a microphone stand. The editing studio was placed in the only available space at this time.

Hi Team,

Nathan's picture
Nathan, 4 years ago

Hi Team,

Further to the above commment regarding soundproofing, and noting a mic is provided.

Would I be able to record vocals/ acoustic guitar without disturbing students outside the studio?


Does the Mac have a full version of garageband? (The standard library ones do not).



Hi Nathan,

Edward's picture
Edward, 4 years ago

Hi Nathan,

That should be fine - we'd be interested to see how that went. Perhaps booking the room early in the day or in the evening would limit disruption but it's up to you.

I'm told that the full version of Garageband is available on there - please let us know if not and we can investigate further. 



Does the room have any

Micyl's picture
Micyl, 4 years ago

Does the room have any acoustic treatment? If someone wanted to use the space to mix audio [specifically] would there be any issues with audio levels?
Pity the Genelecs are only 5"... 8" would be ideal! 

Hi Micyl,

Edward's picture
Edward, 4 years ago

Hi Micyl,

The room has basic acoustic treatment, though this is mainly to reduce reverberation, not for sound-proofing. You can certainly use the room for mixing and mastering. We'd welcome any feedback relating to the space and how useful it was for you. 



the studio doesn't seem to

Saieash's picture
Saieash, 4 years ago

The computer doesn't seem to have Ableton Live authorised - which means that you cant save or even export your work so it beocmes really pointless. It might be a better idea to allow students to connect the equipment to their own computers as they might have their own software and plugins they might want to use. 

Hi Saieash, 

Edward's picture
Edward, 4 years ago

Hi Saieash, 

Thanks for the feedback! We're aware of the Ableton Live issue and our IT staff are working to correct it. You're more than welcome to bring in your own computer and use the equipment, if you would like.



Also I think one major

Saieash's picture
Saieash, 4 years ago

Also I think one major problem is that the actual speaker placement is horrible. It is just far to wide and unevently spaced on the left and right. This makes it difficult to sit at the computer a mix as you constantly have to move your seating position (which is not near the computer) so the speakers are evenly spaced.

Also one issue i noticed was that although the speakers can be turned up to a resonable level and cannot really be heard outside the room door, the room ajacent to it has no soundproofind at all. You can easily hear the people in that room even if they are just quitely talking and you can easily hear them. I think this a proper issue that must be addressed. 

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