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How do I use EndNote on the university computers?

How do I use EndNote on the university computers?

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To start EndNote on ITD

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

To start EndNote on a UTS computer:

  • WindowsStart button -> Programs -> Library Applications -> EndNote Version -> EndNote Program
  • MacintoshApplications -> EndNote Version -> EndNote Version

When you create a new EndNote Library on a UTS computer, save it to the My Documents (Windows) or Shared folder (Macintosh); or to a disk (eg floppy, USB memory stick, shared drive): and work on it from there. Alternatively, open and use an existing EndNote Library from a disk or folder.

Although files are saved in the My Documents / Shared folders after you log out, UTS deletes the contents of these folders regularly. So you must make backup copies of your EndNote library and any other important files onto a disk.

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