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Are there filters for all databases?

Are there filters for all databases?

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No. But many filters are

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UTS Library, 7 years ago

No. But many filters are supplied with EndNote - look in EndNote's Filter Manager.  You may be able to use Direct Export (which is much easier) instead of filters.

If you cannot find the filter to the database you want:

  • In EndNote click on Edit, Filters, Open Filter Manager.
  • Click on the "Get More on the Web" link at the bottom right of the Filter Manager. This takes you to EndNote's large list of downloadable filters.
  • Click on the Download link next to your chosen filter (on a Macintosh this works best with Firefox as your web browser), select "Open" or "Open with EndNote" and click on OK.
  • EndNote will open and you will see some details about the filter. Click on File,Save As.
  • In the Save As window that appears, ensure that the filter name is correct (you may have to remove the word "copy" and perhaps some other text such as "%20").
  • Then click on Save and close the filter window.
  • You can now select your new filter when needed.
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