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Dear UTS libary team,

I'm sorry that I did bring my book (Human resource management in Australia) one day to late. I thought the libary would be clouse on sunday so that I couldn't bring it back. I'm a new exchange student and didn't know about that.
Do I have to pay the 5$ fines?

Best regards


Katja Leuschner

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Hi Katja,

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D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Katja,

Not a problem.. the library allows you to have up to $30 in fines, so that $5 won't affect your borrowing. If your fine goes over $30 all you have to do is pay enough so that fine goes under $30 again. You can do that via the Mylibrary link via the library homepage (though again, you only need to do that if your total fines go over $30)



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