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Referencing a Facebook page (not post)

Referencing a Facebook page (not post)


I am doing an assignment on the audience and content of a Facebook page. In class my tutor said it would be impractical to reference dozens of individual posts to support statements about its audience (e.g. their interests, demographics etc), so we can just reference the Facebook page generally. This particular Facebook page was established in 2012. Would it be appropriate to reference it using a date range, as is the UTS Harvard referencing guide recommends for referencing images? E.g.:

Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory 2012-2018, Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife, Facebook page, Darwin, NT, viewed 13 May 2018, <https://www.facebook.com/ParksandWildlifeNT>.

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Hi Brooke,

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Steven, 1 year ago

Hi Brooke,

this approach is ok as long as any in-text references are unambiguous and sufficiently precise for the reader to know what you are referring to. But just using 2018 could achieve the same thing. Each in-text reference needs to point to an entry in the reference list, so each of your in-text references would be (Parks and Wildlife Commission Northern Territory 2012-2018) to point to the corresponding item in your reference list. The question is, is that in-text reference (and the corresponding ref list item) precise enough to direct the reader to what you are using to support your assertion? From what your tutor has said it sounds like yes,



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