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Do you have to pay to use references or quotes

This question might seem silly but near the article there is a request permissions option do you have to use this and pay them for quoting or refferencing their text?

I think all the databases like ACM and IEEE for Information Technology have this so do you have to pay them or can you just quote normally without paying?


its just that I was just downloading the pdf and quoting normally but do you really have to pay I mean it ends up being quite a bit of money.

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Hi Yusef,

Librarian Jenny's picture
Librarian Jenny (not verified), 6 years ago

Hi Yusef,

 This is a very good question. 

 You do not need to worry about seeking an author's permission to quote or use a reasonable portion of their work in your assignments. Just make sure to correctly acknowledge and reference their material.

 If you want to copy more material than you are allowed to as a student, or if you would like to publish your work, then you would need to seek the copyright owner's permission.

You can learn more about Copyright here. 








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