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can not access a particular database

I have been using the database of "Zhongguo qi kan quan wen shu ju ku (Web) China academic journals (Web) = CAJ full-text database (Web)" for quite a long time. However, I could not downlode/open any paper from last weekend. It seems that UTS does not register to this database anymore. So I am wondering what is the actual problem. Thank you!

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Hi Weihong,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 5 years ago

Hi Weihong,

I've just taken a look at CAJ and it appears that we do still have access to it via our Find Databases page. I went in and looked up one pdf in the China Academic Fulltext part of the database - it took a while to open but it did download eventually. It's posible you found something in the CAJ that we don't have fulltext access to - I'm not sure. If you can send me a link or the title of whatever it was you couldn't access I can investigate what the reason for your access problems might be.




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