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2. Is there a God?

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Personally I don't believe in

Gagan's picture
Gagan, 8 years ago

Personally I don't believe in 'God'. It just seems illogical to follow a practice of faith that limits our understanding of the world and universe, simply by saying ' It's the way God intended, there's no need to investigate further. '

The notion of 'God' came into existance as a result of desire, ignorance, fear, and the need for a scapegoat. Fear is what most likely created 'God'. The fear I'm talking about isn't educated fear, but rather the fear born of the unknown.

When people encounter the unknown, when they see something of which they have no prior knowledge about, then fear is born. Yet, fear itself is not a bad thing. No, it is what we do while under the influence of that fear that gave rise to the notion of 'God'.

There once was a time where we believed a volcano eruption was thought to be a message from god saying that He/She/It demanded a sacrifice. We now know that such is very much untrue. There once was a time where we believed that a violent storm was a clear sign that the gods were fighting one another. We now know that such is false.

The burden of proof lies on

Angelo's picture
Angelo, 8 years ago

The burden of proof lies on those making claims. 

If I say "I have a baseball" and when you question its existence, I sad "Prove I don't have a baseball" is completely illogical.  

YES HE DOES! I don't want to

Rakib's picture
Rakib, 8 years ago

YES HE DOES! I don't want to give a major explanation, but I will...

To prove that 'God' does exist, the notion of scientific evidence has to be brought into the discussion as support. Where we can find this evidence? In the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran, is simply split into 2 parts. The first part of the Quran provides scientific evidence, that the almighty author of this beautiful book is Creator of everything, in order to convince humanity he does exist. Whilst in the second part reveals his teachings that humans should follow which will lead them to happiness in this life and in the everlasting hereafter.  

I'll stop now, but have read of the Quran.. You'll find your answers there :) 

There is if we say there is

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

There is if we say there is (cogito ergo sum?). There are certainly forces of creation, something within us that tells us what's right and what's wrong - an understanding of an internal ethical framework (whether we acknowledge it or not), and a point at which we stop and admit that there exists something bigger, more powerful than us. That's "God".

God like our bodies and

Justin Marcus's picture
Justin Marcus, 8 years ago

God like our bodies and thoughts is created in our minds and can only be perceived by our minds. What is more interesting is what is the thing, person, substance that is witnessing God ?

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