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5. Is there anybody out there?

7 answers


well yeah! of course!

Jenni Relma's picture
Jenni Relma, 8 years ago

well yeah! of course!

Just ask all those people in North America who have been abducted by aliens, they'll tell you.

Why don't you check and you

Juneper Jean Cezar's picture
Juneper Jean Cezar, 8 years ago

Why don't you check and you will find out if there's anybody outhere. you have to prove it by

yourself not because someone said.. yes there's. "To see is to believe.

My goodness - of course there

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

My goodness - of course there is! It's a strange and rather arrogant human notion that we are somehow special and unique. We are not (thankfully!). We are but one tiny speck in the story of space and time. Just recently it was reported that 33 planets similar to the Earth have been discovered by scientists. And that's just the beginning.

Don't hold backIs there

Rakib's picture
Rakib, 8 years ago

Don't hold back
Is there anybody out there?
Stay right there 
Cause I want to watch you taking off your morning 
And putting on that midnight smile for me 

You're chasing 
The slow motion belief that you are dreaming 
And running from the things that make you feel 


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