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6. Who is the most famous person in the world?

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Person-wise, I'd have to say

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

Person-wise, I'd have to say "God". There are many people who would take exception to my calling "God" a person, but that's the way I see it. This may stem from my own belief system which come from the Creation Hymn in the Ancient Hindu Rig Veda. Our Ancients believed that the Gods came after the Universe - and that their relationships with people and other creatures is quite a personal one. Most - probably all (human) cultures on Earth have some notion of "God", and whether one believes in God or not, or gives him/her/it the same attributes as others may give their gods, it seems pretty undeniable "God" is the one person that everyone's heard of, hence his/her/it's fame! :o)

Thousand of famous person in

Juneper Jean Cezar's picture
Juneper Jean Cezar, 8 years ago

Thousand of famous person in this world, but one of them was Lidzbark Warminski 1423-1547- famous Astronomer mathematician and its conquest by Soviet red army during World war ll in 1941.

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