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8. What is the secret to happiness

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The secret to happiness lies

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

The secret to happiness lies in feeling one with the universe. We derive it from meaning and engagement, and embracing life's mysteries. The universe is a beautiful, mystical place, filled with wonder and romance and opportunity. To feel at one with its vastness, to feel connected to the very source of life, to be able to feel it all around you  and know that you are part of it - that's the secret to happiness. Of course, getting to this point takes a lot of work - you have to say good bye to a lot of people, unlearn a lot of stuff, and move beyond yourself - which can all be pretty scary. Humanity is filled with insecure people who tell you all sorts of things - not because they're true, but in order to fulfil their own agendas. Once you get to a point of knowingness, you learn to side-step that stuff and speak up for yourself. That is especially terrifying, but it's well worth it once you learn to do it. It's little wonder then that so many people prefer to live in unhappiness, and that some people think that "what is the secret to happiness" is an "unanswerable question". It's certainly not unanswerable, it's just difficult. I would argue that therein lies the problem - if something seems difficult, the first response (and often only) is "forget it, that's impossible". One thing is true - nothing is impossible - perhaps we don't know how to do certain things yet (I'd love to fly unassisted), but that's just because we haven't worked out how to do it (yet). :o)

A loving family+ a good

Seher's picture
Seher, 8 years ago

A loving family+ a good health+ lots of money+ no final exams+sleeping as long as you want+no stress+watching your favourite show on TV

Indulging in sensual pleasure

Suphinya's picture
Suphinya, 8 years ago

Indulging in sensual pleasure cannot bring an everlasting happiness. Think good thoughts. Say good things. Act good deeds. And be contented with the outcome you have achieved at the best of your efforts. These will bring the peace of mind and consciousness for the rest of your life.  

For me happiness is a mental

Juneper Jean Cezar's picture
Juneper Jean Cezar, 8 years ago

For me happiness is a mental state, and happiness  begin at home our relationship to our family; clean and simple living and most of all our relationship to god.

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