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Do I include my intext referencing within my word count?

Or do I exclude the citations when adding up all of my words? Sometimes I have long surnames within citations and I don't really want to count these as 'words' within my essay. not sure what to do.

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Thanks Nick,

Kylie's picture
Kylie, 5 years ago

Thanks Nick,

My lecturer has said that I should include intext citations within my wordcount (Faculty of Health).




115504's picture
115504 (not verified), 5 years ago


It would be best to direct your query to your lecturer or tutor, word counts are usually set by them, not by the referencing style.



Definitely. There is no way

Dr. Pinheiro's picture
Dr. Pinheiro, 2 years ago

Definitely. There is no way for the lecturer to count that automatically, different from the references in the end of the essay, so that that has to be included in the counting. 

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