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How do I reference a fact sheet? It could be online or hard copy.

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If online, you could

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Patrick, 8 years ago

If online, you could reference like a webpage, with the title of the fact sheet as the title of the webpage and the publisher of the factsheet as the publisher of the webpage. The author would be the person or organisation, maybe a government department, that compiled the fact sheet. If it's a hard copy, I'd suggest you follow the example of a book, or possibly a report. In either case, you'd have the reference to the whole fact sheet in your reference list, and in the text you could refer to particular parts of the fact sheet if you wanted to.

Here's an example (online) from the Australian Department of Immigration. In your reference list:

Department of Immigration & Citizenship 2011, Fact Sheet 1 - Immigration: The Background Part One, Canberra, viewed 5 March 2012, <http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/01backgd.htm>

In the text of your document this would be (Department of Immigration & Citizenship 2011).

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