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Hi I am trying to correctly reference two sources:

1. Website with no author

2. a national Australian campaign

Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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1. A website almost always

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 7 years ago

1. A website almost always has an author - not necessarily a person, it might be the organisation that paid for or benefits from the website. An example is our library website - the author is "UTS Library". Often the bottom of a webpage has details of responsibility for it. If there really is no author, the convention is the same as for other types of reference: use the title of the page in place of the author, both in-text and in the reference list. There are examples in our referencing guide.

2. WIthout knowing the details this is very hard to answer. The format could be: Author Year, Campaign title, Advertising Company, City (where the company is based). The author would probably be either the individuals or company that ran the campaign, and the title might be a proper title or perhaps something like National advertising campaign: coal seam gas mining. On the other hand maybe you are citing a specific advertisement. The critical points are to (a) give credit to whoever did the campaign; and (b) allow others to relocate the material that you are citing.

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