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How do I maintain pdf attachments when exporting from Mendeley to Endnote?

I used Mendeley to organise the 100s of 'unsorted' pdfs I'd collected (it scans journal article pdfs and auto generates the metadata)- fantastic...and I managed to export back to Endnote BUT the pdfs are not attached. Any idea how to keep the pdf's attached?

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I'll have to email Mendeley

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 7 years ago

I'll have to email Mendeley about this and let you know (usually takes about a week to get a reply from them).

On the other hand with EndNote X4 or X5 you can use the Import feature to import a group of pdfs and generate the metadata for the references in EndNote directly. In EndNote (on a PC; it's slightly different on a Mac), choose File, Import, Folder, choose your folder full of pdfs, and presto. Be aware that EndNote is not able to generate metadata from just ANY pdf (eg it can't do it for a scanned article) but it seems to work for most recently created pdfs.

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