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Can't Log In To MyLibrary

When i try logging into MyLibrary with my student ID, it gave me the following response:

Although you have successfully logged in to the single sign-on system, your MyLibrary user details could not be found.

Please try again or login manually.

Then i tried logging in manually with my name and barcode number but it still didn't work.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can help me fix the problem. Thanks a lot.


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Hi there - when did you get

Librarian Liz's picture
Librarian Liz (not verified), 7 years ago

Hi there - when did you get your student card? It sounds like your details hadn't yet carried across into the MyLibrary system, which takes about 24 hours. Please try again today and let us know if you keep having problems. 

I and a friend are having the

Simone's picture
Simone, 6 years ago

I and a friend are having the same problem. Whenever I want to check my loans in 'My Library' I end up having to put my name and barcode in. This is getting very frustrating. Is there a fault with the system???

It is probably because your

admin's picture
admin, 6 years ago

It is probably because your card has expired and you need to extend it, but please let us know if that is not the case.

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