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I was wondering if there is a certain page on the Library where you can request new material - such as a new Journal Subscription. 

I use Thromb Haemost (0340-6245) quite a lot however the library only holds the J Thromb Haemost 1538-7836 which is a completely different journal. 


I have been using Article Reach to source this  reference - would the library consider an electronic subscription?

Kind regards, Caleb


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Hi Caleb - yes we do have a

Librarian Liz's picture
Librarian Liz (not verified), 8 years ago

Hi Caleb - yes we do have a 'suggest new material' page. You can find it at Help > Ask a Librarian > Suggest New Material  

If you submit your request there we will have all the details and make sure it goes to the right area for consideration. 

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