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1. Tell us what you think of the new Library website?

18 answers


New one is pretty glam

Caleb's picture
Caleb, 8 years ago

New one is pretty glam fabulous!

But I miss that box you used to be able to tick that would "remember me" - just get annoyed at having to log in all the time with the new one.

Also, I had trouble finding the "ArticleReach" link - its not the easiest to locate. 

Otherwise - great work guys!

I prefer the functionality of

Adrian's picture
Adrian, 8 years ago

I prefer the functionality of the older catalogue. This new one feels to me like I am getting less of the information I want and more superflous material that doesn't relate directly to my search. Hence, I still use the "classic catalogue", available at Linus.lib.uts.edu.au if anyone else is interested.

To be completely honest, I

Viola's picture
Viola, 8 years ago

To be completely honest, I actually prefer the old website... probably just cause i'm used to it but also the orange has a much warmer feel to it [even though i normally prefer blue!] This website feels a little cold... how about a light green?  Functionality seems to be overall about the same as  the old one...


Hope this helps [just personal opinion!]


The new website is great,

Dean's picture
Dean, 8 years ago

The new website is great, except for finding e-readings. It was significantly better with the previous version where all the e-readings for the subject were located on one page with the author, book title and chapter laid out horizontally. Now the only way to find it is through the catalogue search, which does not display the chapter of the book in the search results. So if you have 2 separate chapters that you need to read in different weeks, the only way to confirm it's the right one for the week is to go into each result for the book and compare it against the subject outline. Very time consuming and painfully annoying, especially if you have lots of readings for the week. Please bring back the old e-reading pages, they were so much more convenient.

Loving the design and feel of

Hasan Kamal's picture
Hasan Kamal, 8 years ago

Loving the design and feel of it. Much more in line with current design trends for web and media - plus functionality is so much better. 

There is not a massive change

Kanchana's picture
Kanchana, 7 years ago

There is not a massive change. The changes are in bits and pieces. The main change is in the home page and it is nice. The design has a new feel

agree with viola liked the

Judy Anne's picture
Judy Anne, 8 years ago

agree with viola liked the old website better. the new one sems hard to work on the back buttons at times and i end up going completely out of the  site and start again and log in again.

Hi Judy Anne,

admin's picture
admin, 8 years ago

Hi Judy Anne,

Can you please provide some more details of the problem you are having?

What back buttons are you referring to?

We can try and get that fixed up for you.


Having the opening hours and

Jennifer's picture
Jennifer, 8 years ago

Having the opening hours and quick links clearly displayed on the home page is great.

The blue ribbon at the top should not be longer than the main page. Currently the link to home page disappears in the wilderness left of my screen.

It is so hard to find the classic catalogue I have had to set up a special bookmark.

The links in pale grey writing at the bottom of the homepage ave very hard to read especially the telephone number and the headings.

The quick links at the top right are great but should also include Library contact details.

It is very hard to find the forms to request books, articles and chapters not otherwise available.

Some of the quick links double up with the links on the blue ribbon across the top.

It's very intitutive and

Zahid's picture
Zahid, 7 years ago

It's very intitutive and there is not much to complain about... I like the design and that whatever I am looking for is easily available.

Beautiful, elegent, and user

Xuanlong's picture
Xuanlong, 8 years ago

Beautiful, elegent, and user friendly libray website.


I prefer the new one, it actually represents the trend of web design.


However, what makes me confused is that why the search result is still the old design?

Thanks for your positive

admin's picture
admin, 8 years ago

Thanks for your positive comments.


We are still working on updating the interface for the Catalogue. Stay tuned!

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