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How do I in-text reference if it is from an interview in a journal article?

I want to in-text quote Tony Ayers from an interview done by Audrey Yue from Studies in Ausraliasian Cinema Vol 2 Number 3 2008

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Hi Natalie,

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D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Natalie,

There is a convention governing the way to reference a quote within another text, and we can use that in this instance. The fact that it's an interview being quoted doesn't disrupt things too much as the original 'quote within a quote' is not required to be in the bibliography, so the original interview need not be cited, except to mention the person providing the quote in the body of your essay.

ie: Tony Ayers said that "....." (Yue 2008)
If there is a prage number for the quote in Studies in Aus. Cinema then provide that in the in-text reference eg: (Yue 2008, p.56)

In the bibliography simply cite the journal article

I'll paste in the info about 'quotes within quotes' below. Thanks!

Quote from a work citing another author

Sometimes a work you are using quotes a work from another author. For example, in a book by Thorne, written in 1994, on page 78 you find a quote from a 1906 paper by Albert Einstein. To cite the work by Einstein you should mention Einstein's paper in the text and use Thorne as your in-text reference, with page number:

Einstein stated in 1906 that time is relative (Thorne 1994, p. 78).

In your reference list you must have the full reference for Thorne. If you wish, you may also include the reference for Einstein (you can get this from Thorne's bibliography), but this isn't necessary because you haven't actually consulted the Einstein paper directly

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