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harvard referencing

1. how do you in text reference an interview in a book?

2. how do you in text reference a book with no pages numbers?!

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Hi Rebecca

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Patrick, 8 years ago

Hi Rebecca

1. The main reference is the book, so that's what goes in your reference list. In the text, suppose the book was by Jones, written in 2009, and the interview was of Julia Gillard. Then you would have something like either : ...when Julia Gillard was interviewed by Jones (2009, p. 78) she said that ....
or: .... Julia Gillard said a lot about this when interviewed (Jones 2009, p. 78)
Or something similar. Note the page number reference to the page in the book where Gillard is supposed to have said whatever it was.

2. Do you mean the book actually has no page numbers? That's very unusual. Normally you don't need to use page numbers for a book, unless you are quoting from it. In that case, if there are no page numbers, you'll have to use a chapter reference and count pages yourself within the chapter, eg (Jones 2009, p. 2 of chapter 3) or if there are no chapters either then you might need to count pages yourself from the start of the book. If you are talking about an online book with no pages then you can use chapter & paragraph counts if necessary, eg (Jones 2009, para. 6 of chapter 5).

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