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Hi, How do I log in to BRW with my student ID?

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D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago


When you look up BRW on our catalogue it lists two ways of accessing it online - via Factiva and via the Publisher. It seems the Factiva link is dead or out of date... so I'll have to chase that up but the Publisher's option seems to work. Once you've provided your UTS username and password another username and password combination should be provided to you, that you can then use on the BRW website. The place where you enter these details is on the top right of the BRW homepage where is says 'sign in'. Hope this helps, in the meanwhile I'll chase up Factiva.



+1 I can't find a guide

Michael Joseph's picture
Michael Joseph, 6 years ago

+1 I can't find a guide anywhere that tells me how to log into Factiva. Do the UTS libarary personnel watch these questions as it was posted 11 months ago?

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