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1. What social media do you use to engage with the Library eg. Facebook, Twitter & Blogs?

28 answers


don't use facebook, twitter

Jonathan's picture
Jonathan, 8 years ago

don't use facebook, twitter or anything. If there is a message we need to know it should be visible on the first library webpage - rather than the flashy 'advertising' we get now.


While i'm at it, can we please have the 'advanced' search available on the front page?, rather than the crappy pull up everything search engine we have now?

1. Facebook.  Ipad owners

Michael's picture
Michael, 8 years ago

1. Facebook.  Ipad owners should try the Flipbook app.  Brings together facebook and twitter in a magazine format.

2. Social media gives me the opportunity make comments on library activities and events. 

I don't use social media. I

Benjamin's picture
Benjamin, 8 years ago

I don't use social media. I don't want to use social media. I don't want the library website to have integration with facebook, twitter, googleplus or google analytics.

I read the updates on

Melanie's picture
Melanie, 8 years ago

I read the updates on facebook, but most of my "interactions" are online or F2F, or sometimes phone when chat doesn't work.

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