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2. What kind of things would inspire you to engage with us using social media tools?

For example: events, new services, helpful hints, updates, library news, the ability to chat with librarians.

2 Question Survey - April 2012

8 answers


What kind of engagement do

Melanie's picture
Melanie, 8 years ago

What kind of engagement do you want? I already play lexulous online with one of the librarians... are you thinking of a UTS lexulous comp?


I think the most useful update on FB that I found was discovering that I could borrow ebooks.

Workshops would be helpful. 

Aileen's picture
Aileen, 8 years ago

Workshops would be helpful.  In fact anything that I could use without having to go to the library as I never seem to achieve much when I go there.  So far I have only used material that is available online.

not sure, it wasn't until l

Jennifer Maree's picture
Jennifer Maree, 8 years ago

not sure, it wasn't until l  noticed this survey on the website, that I was even aware their was the social media option.

Events and workshops.

Rajul Gajendra's picture
Rajul Gajendra, 8 years ago

Events and workshops. Shelfari like bookshelf and community interaction. more e-books required.

I didn't know I could borrow

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

I didn't know I could borrow books via fb! I'll do that - fantastic! Also, a "dedicated" fb person perhaps for the library's fb page? And perhaps a fb-based research librarian for HDR students - to help with all those sticky questions. I think it's a wonderful thing that UTS Library is on fb - maybe send out a few huge mail-outs via student email (with chocolate involved) to get more students to "like" the library's fb page - then you could probably afford to have a dedicated fb-librarian (or at least a few part-timers). Also, more comps for HDR students. Also, can students book study spaces via fb - several of my undergrad students (from various classes) were wanting to book a study space for their assignments and wanted to know how. I told them to go onto the website or ask at the library - it would have been a great opportunity to tell them to do it via fb.

PS: Thanks for asking! :o)

Don't use social media.

Alex's picture
Alex, 8 years ago

Don't use social media.


Haven't needed the physical library for my degree (Engineering and Physics)

could replace it with ebooks and journal articles


Why does every separate part of UTS have different ways of communicating with students ?

Why isn't there one UTS app (web app and mobile versions) that has all the information in one place ?



Chatting with Librarians

Smita's picture
Smita, 8 years ago

Chatting with Librarians would be great..did not know you could borrow books via facebook, which is fantastic..perhpas uts library could publicise that fact on its website !!!!


Some sessions that explain in

David's picture
David, 8 years ago

Some sessions that explain in really practical terms how to use social media and integrate them - for example I have attempted to set up an igoogle page with a reader, tried to integrate my twitter and facebook ... but ultimately they are really all messy and ultimately to much info so I stop using them ... apologies if you already do this - I am aware of some free google workshops that you run ...just have not been able to get along.  Thanks David.

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