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If I cite some information which is not English-based, how can I write a reference about it? Can you show me an example?

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There are a number of cases

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Patrick, 7 years ago

There are a number of cases here. If you are using a translated version then you can follow the example of a translated book given in the 'Book' section of the library's online referencing guide (or if not a book, adapt one of the other reference types). If you are using the original version, and the original language uses the Latin alphabet, then just reference it as a normal book (or journal article etc) with the original title as the title. The difficulty arises when the original does not use the Latin alphabet. Generally speaking, you would use transliterated versions (that is, convert from the original alphabet into the Latin alphabet) of the authors' names, titles, and other details. Sometimes (very rarely, really, but occasionally for example in Chinese) it can be important to keep a record of the original characters. Do this (in the reference list only!) by placing the Chinese (or other) characters directly after the transliterated ones (for Chinese, this would normally be Pinyin), with no punctuation between them. You'd only do this for the authors and, very occasionally, for the title; not for other details.

For all the cases above, the in-text reference would always be (Author(s) Year) where the author names are transliterated if not in the Latin alphabet - no original characters in-text!

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