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How do I link my library account to Facebook/Twitter

I notice when I am logging in that there is an option to login using Facebook or Twitter, but it is not obvious how I go about linking these to my library login so that I can use this function.

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Hi Daniel,

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admin, 8 years ago

Hi Daniel,

To link your social network account using single sign on, click the button for your preferred service: Login with Facebook or Sign in with Twitter:

  • A popup window will open, then
  • You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook / Twitter account, then
  • You will be asked authorise the UTS Library application to access your account

Once you have successfully logged in to your social network, you will be redirected back to the UTS Library website and automatically logged in.

Please note, if this is your first time using Facebook / Twitter to log in to our website, you will be required to also enter your UTS ID / password to complete the process. This is only required the first time and allows us to securely connect your UTS account with your Facebook / Twitter account.

Once you have completed this process, you will be able to quickly sign in to UTS Library resources without having to enter your UTS ID / password. Gain access to all our library services with a single click!

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