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Harvard referencing - unpublished company powerpoint presentation

How do you reference (in text and end reference) an unpublished powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint wasn't viewed online and is an internal document that i received as an employee of the company.  The company has given me permission to use this powerpoint in an assignment.

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Hi Carly,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 8 years ago

Hi Carly,

To reference an unpublished company powerpoint, I recommend using this format for the Harvard UTS style:

Author Year, Title of the presentation, PowerPoint presentation, Company name, City where the company is located.

For the in-text reference, you would follow the same format as any other source (Author Year). 

If you need additional information, for example if there is no author listed, please look at our referencing guide under More Information > Rules about authors.

I also recommend attaching the powerpoint as an appendix item, as the reader will not be able to locate the original source.

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