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How do I master Australian English including slang and idioms?

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Here are some fun ideas to

Edwin's picture
Edwin, 7 years ago

Here are some fun ideas to understanding the Australian language.

  • Watch Australian made TV dramas (soaps), cooking shows, home improvement shows, gardening shows, all media that are local content (Australian), ABC news, Media Watch, Current Affairs, 4 Corners. etc
  • Listen to the Radio on your way to Uni. on, on the bus, on the train, on the car, in the morning, brushing your teeth.
  • Make some Aussie friends, join in the conversation, arrrange a BBQ, go to the Pub, go to watch live sports - tennis, cricket, rugby league,.. 
  • Hire Australian movies - Crocodile Dungee, Mad Max, Muriel's Wedding,....
  • Listen to some classic Australian songs, eg. Newcastle song
  • If possible arrange a home stay with an Australian family.


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