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How do you reference an assignment you have previously written

I want to use some content within a previous assignment i have written. If, in a new assignment, I;m refering to a previous assignment how do i reference it 

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Hi Carly,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 8 years ago

Hi Carly,

I've asked Patrick Tooth about this and he's of the opinion that you shouldn't reference a previous assignment. If you are referring to facts or quotes that you've employed before you can reuse the references that you used in the previous assignment. But seeing as your previous assignment is not part of a published body of literature there is no way for a reader to trace this assignment should you reference it. In the publishing world self-citing even of published material is not usually de riguer too much either, though it is done.

Hope this helps,

David @ UTS Library

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