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How do I reference the same author from different texts/ different years in the same sentence?

I have this sentence:

... journalists and other “Communicators make conscious or unconscious framing judgments … guided by frame[works]…  that organize their belief systems”  and as a result “establish the literally ‘common sense’ … interpretation of events” and issues (…).

The first quote is from Entman in 1993, p.52. The second quote is by Entman 1991 p.6.

I was just wondering what the right way to reference this would be (in text).

Thanks :)

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Hi Laura,

115504's picture
115504 (not verified), 7 years ago

Hi Laura,

Your in text reference would be treated the same as if it were two different authors. 

The first quote (Entman 1993, p.52) who goes on to say blah (Entman 1991, p.6)

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