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I have a new MAC OS X 10.8.2, what endnote version should I be downloading? thx

hi i have bought a new MAC OS X 10.8.2, pls advise what version of endnote I should be downloading.




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Hi Rochelle

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Rochelle

I'm not entirely sure if the Mac version of Endnote X6 is up on the UTS website yet (PC version is) but if it is it should work with your version of OS-X. If EndNote X6 isn't yet available X5 should work also. I must admit we haven't tested the Mac version of X6 at all in the library so I can't speak from experience... it's very new and there is scant online literature available but I found one online forum where a user said that they had got it working with this operating system.


Hope this helps, do let me know if you are having problems




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