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For foreign films should we use the title of the film in the original language in in-text referencing, or the translation, or both?

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Hi Maisie,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Maisie,

I would think that using the original foreign film title is acceptable in most cases. People will have no trouble with 'Ma Vivre Ca Vie' or 'La Dolce Vita' for instance... however if your original title is in Chinese in may behoove you to use a Anglicised title like 'Ju Dou' instead of the original Chinese characters. If the movie you are using is in our catalogue I'd use the title as listed in the catalogue. I don't think you'll need to mention a translator in this case as the movie is still being seen in its original form and has not been adapted. The fact that it may have a translated subtitle track is probably not relevant to your referencing of the movie.


Hope this helps!



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