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How do I reference a dictionary definition that was accessed via a 3rd party site?

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Hi Keiran,

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Yu Lee (not verified), 7 years ago

Hi Keiran,

I am not entirely clear what you mean by "via a 3rd party site".  

The convention is: 

When referencing an entry from a dictionary or an encyclopaedia with no author there is no requirement to include the source in the reference list. In these cases, only cite the title and year of the source in-text. For an authored dictionary/encyclopaedia, treat the source as an authored book. 

But your question is about citing a definition described in another work, i.e., referencing a secondary source. 

You must cite the dictionary through the secondary source from which you actually read it.  

If the dictionary definition was found in the work of Smith, then your in-text citation will look like: 

(cited in Smith 2008, p. 156)

You must also have a full citation to Smith's work (not the dictionary) in your reference list. 


Yu Lee 








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