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Citing a source that is quoted many times in one paragraph

I have a paragraph that quotes one book many times - in different sentences as well as several times within a sentence.

Should I do a full citation when the book is first mentioned in the paragraph (name date) and then just a page citation (p.)? Or should each sentence have a full name/date/page citation?

Another Q&A said that we cannot use 'ibid', however putting a full citation in 4 consequtive sentences seems a bit full on - but it makes it clear where the quote is from.


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Hi Kathryn,

Yu Lee's picture
Yu Lee (not verified), 6 years ago

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, you are right. If the same source is cited several times in the same paragraph, the full citation (including page number) must given the first time. Thereafter you only need to mention the page numbers.

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