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Holding a specific edition of a textbook

 How can I request a specific edition of a textbook? Also, how can I request for a non-7-day loan textbook? Whenever, I attempt to request an item, I can't as it says that other editions or 7-day loans are availabe.

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Hi Susan,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 4 years ago

Hi Susan,

If you would like the library to purchase a specific edition of a textbook you can use this form - https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/teaching/course-material/ordering-new-material

If you are trying to request a specific edition of a book that we already have then hopefully that specific edition has it's own record. Though its uncommon, for some books all the different editions are bundled into the one record (the accounting handbook for example) - but my understanding is that once you press request you can select the particular edition you need.

As to your second question I don't think you can select a book that is being borrowed to put on hold if a seven day loan copy is available. You might be able to arrange this kind of hold by calling the loan desk on 95143666  - as the system won't allow this type of request you will need a staff member to override the system to make happen. I can't guarentee you success in this but it's worth a try.

Thanks, if you are having continued trouble you can respond to this answer or email me at david.litting@uts.edu.au


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