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Q about use for educational purposes


I am one of the chaplains and am wondering if the statutory license for educational purposes would cover the showing of a film to students for educational purposes as part of chaplaincy events on campus?



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Hi Thomas,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 5 years ago

Hi Thomas,

Good question! The way this works in terms of copyright is that if you are showing the film to a bunch of people that are enrolled in a course of study you are fine. If it's more of a walk up deal then the rules are affected by that and usually you have to negotiate a license to show the film publically - which is usually quite possible, but costs a little money. If your film isn't a feature film then you may find this process is easier and/or cheaper, I'm not entirely sure.

To have an expert pick over the details of your question I would advise you to contact our copyright officer Matthew Noble - matthew.noble@uts.edu.au



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