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Endnote and Ms Word

Endnote help : unable to manage the numbering of the citation in a new document sent by the editor.  Pls help.

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Hi Litting, Yes, journal

Rajul Gajendra's picture
Rajul Gajendra, 7 years ago

Hi Litting, Yes, journal requires numbering style. 

I figured the solution this morning :).  I should be using cross reference option in the reference tab  for the same references multiple use and then updating it. 

This would be useful insight for those using numbering style. 

Thank you so much, I have noted contact details in case I need help in future. 



Hi Rajul,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Rajul,


Do you mean that you need to present your references in a numbered style? Any additional information you could provide us as to your problem would be of great use to us. I would recommend giving us a call on this one. Either Patrick Tooth on 95143318 or myself David Litting on 95143390




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