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1. Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

News item: 10 Unanswerable Questions Competition - 2013

Competition open: 11 February to 21 February 2013

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The extra empty space in the

Kate T's picture
Kate T, 6 years ago

The extra empty space in the box allows for more air above and around the pizza. This leads to a richer fuller aroma when the box is eventually opened.

Its very hard to close a

Phillip's picture
Phillip, 6 years ago

Its very hard to close a round box that is attached and rounded cardbord caN not really be achieved smoothly so a lid is almost impossible??

The warming enveopes are square so voila - a square box if you want a warm pizza delivered.

As well most of our bins are square so it is more viable to put a square box of rubbish in a sqare bin!

And lastly, one company is now making square pizzas

So leads to next question, WHY ARE PIZZAS TRADITIONALLY ROUND??


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