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I would like to know how to enrole into these workshops?

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Hi Sean,

Cheng Siew's picture
Cheng Siew, 6 years ago

Hi Sean,
There doesnt seem to be a 'Register to attend' option if we are using an ipad. Is there another way to register if we are on a mobile device? Thanks.

Hey Cheng,

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 6 years ago

Hey Cheng,

Thanks for letting us know - This ability has been restored - you should be able to enrol now :)


Hi there!

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 7 years ago

Hi there!

Check out our events page to see which workshops are upcoming. If any of the events you're looking for are available in a time you'd like to attend, select the workshop and then select 'Register to Attend'.

Hope this helps!

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