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How do I reference videos that have been put up on UTS online?

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Hi Dennise

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Anne, 5 years ago

Hi Dennisse

You should reference the video directly as the original source (rather than referencing UTS Online).

The information you need to gather to reference a film, video or audiovisual souce includes:

    • title (in italics)
    • year of publication or release
    • format (use motion picture for films; use video recording, CD-ROM, DVD, audio casette, slide, or microform etc for other audiovisual material)
    • distributor (for films) or publisher
    • place of recording or publication (for audiovisual material)

Once you have collected this information you will need to display it as shown in the examples below:

In text

(Muriel’s wedding 1994)

Reference list

Muriel’s wedding 1994, motion picture, Roadshow Entertainment, Sydney.

The Edge of the possible 1998, DVD, Ronin Films, Canberra.

Although you are likely to view most feature films (ie movies) as DVDs you should still reference feature films with the format 'motion picture' rather than 'DVD'.




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