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How do I access one particular E-Journal, (i.e.: what happened to "find e-journals?")

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Find e-journals has moved

Janice's picture
Janice, 6 years ago

Find e-journals has moved from the library's homepage and can now be found under FIND in the blue ribbon menu at the top of the homepage: http://www.lib.uts.edu.au/find Another way to find journals if you know the name of the journal is to use the Library Catalogue. Choose Advanced Search Options and select "In Journal Title" to limit your search to journals.


Just for a little more

Belinda's picture
Belinda, 6 years ago

Just for a little more information, we've changed the Quick Links on the homepage to make way for our new service Find Articles. This is a quick and simple interface to let you search across millions of journal articles. You can read more about our new service in this news item.

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