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It says that this article is avail as full text at UTS - but I can not find it on any database? Is it me? Title: The Freshman 15: A Critical Time for Obesity Intervention or Media Myth? Source: Zagorsky, J L

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Hi Haidee,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 7 years ago

Hi Haidee,

No, it's definitely not you! There's a problem with our full text link from places like Google Scholar, I'll get this looked into ASAP.

The other way to find articles is to search for the name of the journal in our catalogue. Use this link to see the journal record, and then go to Wiley Online Library to see the full text article: http://find.lib.uts.edu.au/search.do?R=OPAC_b2340563.

Or go directly to this link.



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