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Citation for indirect paraphrasing


I’ve got a question in indirect citation:

I want to paraphrase a sentence from a journal, that is paraphrased by the author from another article.

What is the right way for me to cite it in my report?

For example, I want to paraphrase the following sentence from a journal written by Gupta et al.

“Due to the subscription model, there is a huge cost savings for small firms (Ankeny, 2011).”

My paraphrased version can be:

“Small companies can benefit from the subscription method to significantly reduce expenditures (). “

who should I put in the brackets, and in what format? Should I mention the original author (Ankeny) in my work, even though I am not quoting anything.



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Refer to the original person

Seraphina Goldsmith's picture
Seraphina Goldsmith, 5 years ago

Refer to the original person cited in the body of the text, as you have done in brackets. The intext cittaion and reference list item should refer to Gupta as that is where you found the quote.

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