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I want to reference a book chapter in a non-edited, single author book. Do I add the pages 'pp.204-215' at the end of where the book was published like in referencing a whole book? Or the other way around how do I reference a chapter in a regular non-edi

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Hi Kristiane,

Helen Chan's picture
Helen Chan, 6 years ago

Hi Kristiane,

Our referencing guide - look for the section about book chapters as it has some examples on how to do this.  

For a book chapter this is what you need to include: (leave out the editor info and edition if that doesn't apply to you)

Author(s) of the chapter Year of publication, Chapter title ('in single quotes'), Editor(s) of the book,
Title of the book(in italics), Edition, Publisher, Place of publication, Page numbers of the chapter.

Hope that helps!




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