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how do we reference if the authors and book are the same but we are referencing from a different chapter?

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Hi Steven,

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D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Steven,

The way to deal with this depends on whether the chapters are written by different people. From the posing of your question I'm going to assume that the book is all written by one author .. if this is indeed the case then the answer is pretty straightforward.

If the chapter authors are the same as the book authors you treat the book like a regular old book - so the in text reference is (Author Year) - the fact that two different attributions are from different chapters isn't very important, though if you quote of course you put the page number in wherever you are quoting from. In your reference list you only list the book the one time.

If the chapter authors are different then you use the 'chapter in an edited book' convention. The way this works is the chapter author goes in the in text reference and the year (Chapter Author Year) and you would separately mention the book in your reference list - once mentioning one chapter with one author and then again for the other author and the other chapter. THe way you do that is described like this - https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/harvard-uts-referencing-guide/book



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